Start events to entertain your viewers

Events Overview

Glimboi can start various events. Events can be joined by viewers in chat. Multiple events can run at the same time. All events have settings on the event page to modify for your stream. Enjoy!


Glimboi can start a raffle. The bot will pick one winner. A raffle can be started on the events page or by typing !raffle in chat. Viewers can enter the raffle with !enter . You can view the list of participants on the events page. It will live update. After a minute has passed Glimboi will announce the winner to chat. The winner can also be viewed on the events page if it is currently open. Note that if you leave the events page the winner will be removed!


Glimboi can poll the chat to get viewer feedback. A poll can be started from the GUI. Enter the question and any options. Polls can also be started from chat.

!poll QUESTION? option 1 | option 2 | option 3 .

Ensure that you end the question with a ? and separate the choices with | .

You can view the results live on the events page. The results will be sent to chat at the end of the poll.


Glimrealm is a spin inspired chat game with a glimdrop twist. Start by typing:


Once the game has started:


Every viewer that enters will have one random event. You will lose or gain points based on the event. There are a lot of possible outcomes.


Bankheist works nearly the same as other bankheist games. Start with:


Others can join with !bankheist

You need at least 2 members to begin. Once started random events will occur. Some will be more risky than others. At the end of the heist all members who escaped will be rewarded with channel currency.


Works the same as raffle but no reward is given and there is no cost to enter.


Others can join with !enter

One user is picked to win the giveaway. Good luck!


A fight between all the users in your chat! !glimroyale WAGER .

Users enter with !join

Each user fights 1 other user. This continues until only 1 is left. The results are announced depending on the duration. There are a variety of possible outcomes, but it is all internal. This may change in a future release.


Fight one other user and wager points! !duel USER WAGER .They must accept the duel in chat.

The winner gains all the points.


Ask the magic 8 ball any question. It always has an answer.

!8ball QUESTION?


!gamble WAGER

Win or lose points based on the outcome.


This is a generic queue system. The most common use is to allow viewers to join your game in an organized manner. You can limit users by points and rank. You can sent a rank to control the queue from chat.

!queue : Starts the queue.

!queue stop : Stops the queue.

!queue reset : Resets the queue.

!queue add USER : Adds a user to the queue.

!queue remove USER : Removes a user from the queue.

!queue progress : Progresses the queue.

!queue next : Returns the next user in the queue.

!queue length : Returns the length of the queue.