Set Up

Install GlimBoi on Windows and Linux


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Start by downloading the installation file for your platform (.exe for windows and .deb for linux). Windows users can run the .exe file and choose where the bot will be installed. Linux users will need a package manager that can run .deb files. GDebi will work for this.

Windows users will likely see a warning since Glimboi is not registered with the Windows system.


GlimBoi requires authentication to talk as a bot/streamer account. Press authorize on the bot homepage. It will ask you to log in with a glimesh account. The account that authorizes the bot will be the one that the bot uses to speak. If you want the bot to talk as the streamer account log in with that account. If you want a custom bot name you need a Glimesh account with that name.

Once logged in you can go back to the bot. You can head to the chat page and start using Glimboi!

When you authorized the bot you got an access token. This token lasts for 1 hour. When it expires the bot should automatically refresh it. If you cannot get something to work you likely need to press the refresh token button or authorize again on the homepage.

Congratulations - You have completed the auth process! You can now use GlimBoi to its full potential.


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