Answers to frequently asked questions.

Since Glimesh is closing, what will happen to the bot and my data?

In short, nothing! Glimboi will not be receiving any more updates. Your data will stay on your PC unless you delete it. If you plan on using a custom instance of Glimesh (or a self-hosted one), the bot will support that. However, updates to the custom instances may break compatibility with the bot.

If you will not be using a custom instance, feel free to export your data(optional) and uninstall the bot. The data won’t work with any other service. You may get some enjoyment from reading it though! While there are some symbols/code, most of it is human readable. Windows Notepad can read all of the files.

How much does GlimBoi cost?

GlimBoi is free and open source.

Can I run GlimBoi?

GlimBoi can run on windows and linux devices. On average it uses about 100mb of RAM. The CPU usage will be very low. Glimboi can run on Mac but you have to build it yourself.

Why is my viewer not earning points for watchtime?

To save resources Glimboi distributes points/watchtime every 15 minutes. This means that if you check your watchtime at 5 mintues it will be the same at 10 minutes. At 15 minutes all stats are added.

How do I resize the bot?

Click and drag the blue navigation bar on the top of the screen. Move the window down. Then click on the edges of the window and resize normally.