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Open-source MIT Licensed. v2.7.7

As of July 1st, 2023, Glimesh has officially closed. However, Glimboi has been modified to work with custom instances of Glimesh. This means that you can still use the bot for custom Glimesh servers. See the Custom Servers page for more info.


Respond to !commands in chat. Add actions to create macro-like scripts.


Remember the good times. You can save a message as a quote. This quote can be viewed later or upon the !quote command.


GlimBoi has a currency system that lets your viewers earn points from watch time. This currency can be used for various functions.


Glimboi can create events in chat. Start raffles, polls, glimrealm, and more. Learn more on our events page.

Repeating Messages (Timers)

GlimBoi can turn commands into repeating messages. Simply add the repeat property and the message will be sent to chat on a set interval.

Chat Logs

GlimBoi can log all the messages from your stream to a text file. Easy access to chat archives.

Free and Open Source

All of the code for GlimBoi is freely available on our Github Page. Interested in contributing? Click here to help out.